Does Penni integrate with the EVV vendors?

Yes, Penni currently integrates with CM 2000, Vesta EVV, Medsys and Santrax (phased out for Texas).

Does Penni remind me when tasks are due to be completed?

Yes, Penni provides the following notifications:

  • 2067 - notification occurs when changes have been made to the client that requires a 2067 communication to the case worker.
  • Supervisory Visit - notification occurs 14 days prior to the date that the next supervisory visit is expected to take place.
  • OIG Federal and State - notification occurs when an employee fails the OIG State and/or Federal check and when the checks are completed each month.
  • Employability - notification occurs when an employee fails the Employability check and when the check is completed each month.

Can I prepare my cost report using Penni?

Yes, Penni provides a report that calculates payroll based on verified visit hours from your EVV system.

Can I keep track of client complaints and hospitalizations in Penni?

Yes, you can easily create notes for clients and employees. Penni tracks when they are created and who edits them.

Does Penni offer monthly OIG reports?

Yes, Penni automatically checks your employees every month and sends a notification and an email to let you know when the monthly OIG checks have been completed for your agency. Penni uses your employee’s social security number (over a secure connection) in order to provide additional accuracy for these checks.

How is your customer service?

The best!! Seriously, call us anytime or send us a message directly from Penni (quick and easy).

Can Penni handle schedules for multiple attendants seeing one client?

Yes, you can create as many schedules as you want for a single client. Common examples include morning and evening split schedules and weekday and weekend split schedules.

Does Penni have the forms I need to run my business?

Penni provides the following forms:

  • 2067
  • Client Evaluation
  • Attendant Orientation
  • Supervisory Visit
  • Individual Service Plan
  • 3052 (Practitioner's Statement of Medical Need)

We are busy adding more, if you do not see the form you need let us know and we’ll add it.

Can I bill from Penni?

Coming soon! We are currently developing our billing module. Penni provides a billing report to help ease the pain of doing all those calculations

Can I use Penni at or in the field?

Yes, you can use Penni with any computer that has an internet connection and a browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Do I have to pay for each employee that needs access to Penni?

No, our pricing structure is based on the number of clients your agency has.

Is Penni easy to use?

Yes, that is one of the best features of Penni. We spent a lot of time making Penni intuitive and easy to use. See for yourself. Sign up for our free tier and give Penni a try.

Does Penni send visits to my EVV system?

Yes, as long as you are using one of the supported EVV systems. It could not be easier, put the schedule in once and we’ll send the visits to your EVV system every day without you doing anything more.

Does Penni get updated with the completed visits?

Yes, once a visit is verified in the EVV system Penni will get the exact check-in and check-out times and store them for you to see every day.

How can I tell when my attendant has completed a visit?

Simple, Penni has an easy to read visit view that shows unverified visits in red and verified visits in green.

Can Penni help me with payroll?

Yes, Penni provides a report that gets the exact logged or verified hours from your EVV system and performs the calculations for you.